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Router management options let you choose how to manage your service equipment while your personalized portal can allow you to change speeds, add ports, view usage and access billing.

Who we are & What we do

Mark Communications

We are DIA Specialists focused on providing the best possible Dedicated Internet options for your business and your budget. We make sure your quotes provide you with exactly what you need. No more. No less.

We’re located in Dallas, TX

Our business model is run entirely online. We do not maintain standard offices.
Our workforce is 100% remote (they work from home).

By following this model, we’ve been able to provide jobs to a workforce that has typically been neglected. For example – Single Mother’s who could not make enough in the workforce to cover the expense of daycare, let alone regular monthly bills.

We’re proud of our ability to provide these jobs and offer our clients a dedicated workforce and customer/client support experience. This means better communication and support for you!

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We look forward to serving you. Thank you!


Mark Communications

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