Do You Need a Dedicated Internet Connection for Your Business?

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Did you know that when you sign up for internet with an internet service provider (ISP), you’re sharing internet through a single cable with everyone in your area? While sharing is caring, it’s not ideal when you’re trying to run a video conference or download a large file. By switching to a dedicated internet connection, your internet goes directly and only to your office.

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dedicated internet access (diA)
speed & consistency

With DIA, unlike regular broadband service, your business doesn’t have to compete with other subscribers for bandwidth. That means you can enjoy upload speeds that are just as a fast as download speeds no matter the time of day. Think of it as having a lane on the highway that’s yours and yours alone. Even at rush hour, you’re able to travel at a consistent speed. This rock-solid internet performance will support your business’s critical operations.

flexible & scalable
Guaranteed bandwidth

As one of the purest forms of internet, DIA guarantees that specific bandwidth is reserved for your company network. There are no restrictions on monthly uses, so you can easily scale it to host your own website, manage emails, and support business-critical applications.

dedicated customer support

Not only is DIA fast, really fast, it’s also extremely reliable. With 24-hour support and service monitoring, technical issues are solved before they even start. But if something does go wrong, you’ll have access to technical support to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

~Performance Driven Connection For Your Business~


Increased productivity

A dedicated internet connection will leave your IT team free to focus on projects that support your company—rather than day-to-day network management.

Enhanced security

Safeguarding your network is crucial in this day and age, especially if you handle sensitive data. When you invest in your own network infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about outside threats, which strengthens your overall cybersecurity.


These days, your business equipment needs a solid internet connection as much as your computer system.

Access reliable dedicated internet service through a single provider with solutions for fast connectivity, site availability, wireless backup, security, voice and collaboration, devices, and more!

Your provider can even offer your business your own portal for accessing your settings, billing and tech support should it be needed.


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